The "Auld Boars"

The Auld Boars - Founding members and Wild Pigs that sadly are too old to play now but still retain the Ditch Passion.


They remind us all that this wonderful game we play is all about people, friendships and those that came before, upholding the traditions of Ditchling RFC!


Please contact Malc Pedder to find out more about joining.

"Auld Boars" Lifetime Members

Niall Addison
Gordon Andrews
Chris Atkinson
Greg Ashman
Rob Becvar
Steve Booth
Rob Boswell
Charlie Burgoyne

David Clare

Mitch Clark

Tommy Clark

Bill Clinton

Tim Curran
Nick Drabble
Julian Drage
Lloyd Fielder
Steve Floydd
Adrian Gander
Graham Gardner -(Honorary Member)
Mark Gerken
David Griffiths
Gary Hall
Martin Hubbard

Gary Jessop

Phil Keerie

Bob Kernohan

Roger Linn

Colin Marshall
John McGrath
James Mussen (Founder Member)
Paul Osborn
Malc Pedder
Matt Pedder
Chris Pepler (Founder Member)
Mark Pepler

Mark Pratt

Andy Plowright

Bob Plummer

Bob Shed

Simon Shepherd

Simon Stodart
Irwin Taylor

Nick Titcomb

Justin Wallden

Phil Williamson